Fuck Yeah! Adorable Kyuhyun


[TRANS] @GaemGyu actually I saw all of it… Hoohoot.. But that day was really cold and.. I was embarassed because the people who passed by were giving me weird stares… Thanks everyone!!^ ^ (c)

adorable kyuhyun wants to keep the letter he received from a fan, but then realized his blazer doesn’t have a pocket inside ≧◡≦

Kyu’s special ability: making the exact same dance seem both sexy and not sexy


…in which you either wonder why or are reminded why Cho Kyu is your bias.
Or why he’s not… 

”What does Super Junior mean to you?” 


Kyuhyun winks / Kyuhyun lip-bites | requested by Anonymous

Who says maknae Kyuhyun doesn’t know how to do aegyo? Even his seniors find him adorable ♥ 

Kyuhyun @ Moon Embracing the Sun curtain call (cr)


Some favorite performances of Kyuhyun.

Cho Kyuhyun - Super Junior Mini-drama (ep.2 & 3)